State and National Representation

Every year some of our very talented students represent the school in a range of activities including sport, music, drama and more.

Below are the latest students to represent either their state or country.

Student Sport Awards
Caitlin Leather - Class of 2023
2019 – State Team for Swimming
National Qualifier and Finalist for 200m Butterfly
Bella Rutter - Class of 2023
2021 – U/16 State Schools National Championships (postponed COVID-19) representing WA.
2021 – U/18 Hockey Australia National Championships Training Squad representing WA.
2018 – U/13 Hockey Australia National Championships representing WA.
Ethan Boyd - Class of 2023
Water Polo
4th overall State Championships
Will Hayes - Class of 2023
2023 - National Team, 3rd place
Aiden Pennacchio - Class of 2024
200m breast stroke
100m breast stroke
Michael Bocos - Class of 2025
Singapore Cup Soccer
Kayla Spagnolo - Class of 2025
State and Peel Aquatic Swimming Team
Millie Young - Class of 2025
Rock Climbing
3rd in Australia for Speed Climbing
Amber Skinner - Class of 2028
2023 State Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place results
Archie Dowding - Class of 2028
Water Skiing
2023 State Championships - placed