BYOD (Year 5)

The use of technology to facilitate learning has become an integral part of education at Frederick Irwin Anglican School. Using new technologies opens up schools and classrooms to the broader world around them.

This is a very appropriate pathway to preparing young people for the globalised world in which we live today and one in which new technologies play a most significant role.

With many students now owning mobile computing devices and using these devices for their school work whilst at home, the school acknowledges the need to allow students to use their own technology in a more seamless way at school.

Students from Years 5 to 12 bring their own devices to school for use in lessons.

There is no requirement for parents to purchase a laptop for their child if they already have a device which meets the minimum requirements for performance, functionality and battery life.

Please note: Parents do not need to purchase Microsoft Office as it can be downloaded for free when the students are assigned their school email account. It is highly recommended that all laptops have an antivirus software package installed and have a suitable carry case to protect the device at school.

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