Frederick Irwin Anglican Primary School, Mandurah, provides a comprehensive teaching and learning programme for children from Kindergarten to Year 6, catering for the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child.

In recognising each child’s individuality, we aim to provide learning opportunities which are designed to take account of the student’s interests, ability and potential. We believe this can only be achieved in a happy and stimulating environment where a feeling of mutual respect exists between teachers, children and parents.

Located on two campuses in Mandurah, at the Meadow Springs Campus there are two classes in each year group from Kindergarten to Year 4 and three classes in Years 5 and 6. At the Halls Head Campus, there is one class in each year group from Kindergarten to Year 6.

As our students progress through the School, a large range of facilities are available across the two campuses so that the barriers between Primary and Secondary education diminish and transition can be planned over the full range of years, Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our one school concept creates flexibility and enables a wider variety of teaching programmes and learning environments to be utilised. 

Reporting to Parents

At Frederick Irwin Anglican School we report each Primary student’s progress in a number of ways:

  • Parent/Teacher Information Sessions are held early in Term 1;
  • Three-way conferences are held at the end of Term 1 between teachers, parents and students of Years 3 to 6, and two-way conferences for teachers and parents of Kindergarten to Year 2 students;
  • Workbooks are sent home twice a term for parents to view the everyday work completed in English and Mathematics; and
  • Formal reports are sent home at the end of each semester.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and concern for each individual are at the heart of Frederick Irwin Anglican School.

Frederick Irwin Anglican School encourages fostering strong interpersonal relationships and developing trust and mutual respect throughout our community, through the respectful relationships that our students build with each other and with staff members.

We aim to empower our students to establish their own identity, meet challenges with resilience and to develop the confidence to make sound judgements and autonomous decisions.