Policies and Procedures

The School has a variety of policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a safe, positive and harmonious work and learning environment.


The School complies with policies and procedures created by the Anglican Schools Commission. These are: 

  • Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures
  • Enrolment and Attendance Policy and Procedures
  • Privacy Policy and Procedures
  • Allegations of Misconduct against Employees in ASC Schools and Guidelines for the Interviewing of Students by Police
  • Child Safe Policy (WA)
  • Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures (WA)
  • Reporting of Abuse and Neglect Policy and Procedures (WA)
  • ASC Child Safe Code of Conduct (WA)
  • Parent Code of Conduct 

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Frederick Irwin Anglican School's Policies and Procedures