Our School

Welcome to Frederick Irwin Anglican School

Frederick Irwin, Mandurah, provides a supportive learning environment. Students are encouraged to learn, and achieve with our exceptional education program.

Established in 1991, we are the oldest independent school in the Peel region. We are a private co-educational school that offers an exceptional educational program for students Kindergarten to Year 12. 

The School provides learning opportunities such as intertstate and international study tours, high level sport and performing arts programs, instrumental music tuition, and a range of other co-curricular activities. 

MBC provides a comprehensive curriculum that caters for the individual needs of all students.  This provides a desire for learning and excellence.

The Primary School curriculum is based on the Walker Learning Pedagogy, allowing learning to be student-led.  The Primary School curriculum learning areas include: Christian Education, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Japenese, Mathematics, The Arts, Science and Technologies all with Investigative Learning from Kindergarten to Year 2 or focusing on Education Research Projects from Years 3-6.