Where Can I Buy a Computer?

Purchasing a New Computer

From 2016 all students enrolled in Years 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 will participate in the School’s ‘Bring Your Own Device’ computer scheme. This will require that each student bring a suitable laptop or tablet computer to school each day for use in the classroom.

Whilst many parents will want to purchase a new device for their child it is important to emphasise that it is not essential that the device brought to school be purchased specifically for this task, the virtual desktop environment operated by the school will run on most computers purchased in the last few years. Please refer to the What Do I Need? page for a guide to the system requirements for BYOD devices.

Parents wishing to invest in a new computer for their child can purchase from any reputable retail establishment. In making a decision on which device to select it is important that parents consider the total cost of ownership of the computer over its total expected lifespan, typically three years. Factors such as extended warranty, accidental damage repairs and insurance must be weighed up to ensure additional and unexpected costs are not incurred at a later date.