Strategic Plan

It is with pleasure that we present our Strategic Plan (2017 – 2020) which has been developed to take our school forward over the next four years, again with purposeful direction, clear vision for the future, and aspirational yet attainable goals.

The Plan acknowledges and builds on past achievements, but recognises the imperative of having an effective blueprint for further success which will position our students well as we advance further into the 21st century and an increasingly globalised world. Now more so than at any other time in history, change is fast-paced and will continue exponentially to be so. It is for this future that we seek, through careful planning and the introduction of well-chosen initiatives, to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills they will need.

Our approach continues to be holistic as we focus on the development of the ‘whole child’. While excellence in our ‘core business’ of teaching and learning will continue to be pursued as one of the elements that is highly valued, we also continue to strive to attain distinction through our pastoral care, co-curricular, faith-based and service learning programmes, all of which contribute towards inspiring our young people to achieve their personal best in all areas, as well as to be considerate, compassionate, well-rounded members of society.

The consultation phase of the Strategic Plan gave many members of our school community the opportunity to articulate their vision for our future direction. The School Council would like to thank the students, staff members and parents who participated for their time and for the careful thought that went into discussions in workshops and submissions through surveys. The continued contribution, involvement and support of all members of the school community will be both essential and much valued for the full implementation of the Plan, and we thank you in advance for this.

We are most also grateful to the Reverend Peter Laurence (OAM), Chief Executive Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission, and the Right Reverend Allan Ewing, Bishop of Bunbury, for their insightful contributions.

Council would also like to express its thanks to Dr Liz Pattison, who facilitated the development of the Plan. This is the second Strategic Plan on which Dr Pattison has worked with the School and we are once again most appreciative of the professional and inspiring manner in which she has led discussions and deliberations.

As we work through the implementation phase of the Strategic Plan (2017 – 2020), reports will be made regularly to School Council and the community will be kept informed in various ways. We look forward with excitement and confidence to working together to delivering on the Plan which is designed to inspire positive growth for Frederick Irwin Anglican School.

Mrs Tracey Gray                                      Mrs Judy Sparkes
Principal                                                Chair of School Council