Years 3 to 6

'Engagement Matters' is a personalised learning model that continues to develop and foster the key principles of the Walker Learning Approach across the middle and upper years of the Primary School (Years 3 – 6). It encompasses developmentally appropriate practices to continue to engage students in their learning and to develop the skills necessary for 21st Century learning.

The key components of this aspect of the pedagogy are:

  • Formal instruction teaching sessions;
  • Student-led/ teacher supported class meetings;
  • A communication board;
  • Education Research Projects;
  • Expos;
  • Teacher, self and peer assessment; and
  • Mindful planning, documentation and reporting.

The learning environments are flexible and technology is an integrated part of the Approach.

The requirements of the Australian Curriculum are specifically taught in each learning area and broad learning intentions are used to underpin the Education Research Projects that are individually developed by the students and incorporate an element of student interest related to the learning intentions.

The pedagogy across Primary aims to develop:

  • Strong positive self-concept;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Resilience;
  • Persistence;
  • Initiative;
  • Intrinsic Motivation;
  • Risk taking;
  • Respectful interactions;
  • Engagement;
  • Confident communication skills; and
  • A strong sense of connectedness.