Learning Enrichment

The Primary Learning Enrichment programmes provide assistance to students with special needs and those requiring support in the development of their literacy and numeracy skills.

Through these programmes, students are encouraged to develop confidence in their learning in a nurturing and positive environment.

This assistance is given by specialist teaching staff supporting teachers within the classroom, and providing programmes for small group tuition to accommodate students with specific learning needs. Students are assessed, the data collected is used to determine the areas of difficulty and programmes are devised to meet the specific requirements. Skills are reinforced, consolidated and evaluated to enhance the specific learning needs of students. The model of intervention reflects best practice and focuses on the support being targeted, intensive and repetitious.

Extension programmes are also provided to enhance the learning of students.

Specialist Learning Enrichment staff work with classroom teachers to implement extension programmes in Mathematics, English and through OptiMinds. These opportunities are provided to challenge the students and to allow them to engage in activities that require them to work collaboratively, think creatively and develop their confidence and interpersonal skills.

The Primary Education Support staff liaise with other professionals to support the learning needs of students. To assist with the development of Individual Education Plans, ongoing consultation is sought with Education Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to provide the best learning outcome for the students.