Christian Education

The spiritual and liturgical programme in the School is varied.

In the Meadow Springs Primary School, students participate in Christian Education classes once a week, led by Primary Christian Studies Teacher, Mrs Diane Pennycott. All assemblies include observation of our Anglican ethos and Worship Services are prepared by class teachers or the Chaplain and often led by students.

At the commencement of  the Halls Head campus in 2018, classroom teachers took on the responsibility of teaching Christian Studies in their respective classrooms. Using Christian Education Programs and initial meetings with Father Noel Oakey (who acts now in a consultative role for the Halls Head campus), staff have creatively presented the Christian story, morals and faith issues. This approach has led to some exciting worship services, with video and drama productions.

The Primary Christian Education programme is informed by the Religious Education Curriculum published by the Anglican Schools Commission. The programme delivers innovative and relevant content which ensures that students are challenged to think through the big questions of life and faith. Themes include The Bible and Christian Belief, The Story of the Church, Christian Ethics and Faith in Action.