Perth Primary Philosothon 2023

Newsletter - Congratulations Friday, 15 Sept 2023

A big thank you to Mrs Jenni Mcrae for giving me the amazing opportunity to represent Frederick Irwin Anglican School in the Perth Primary Philosothon 2023.

A Philosothon is an event where a group of students have an open discussion about certain topics. We had three exciting discussions with three different philosophy experts. They asked a series of questions, and my job was to think about them deeply and give my opinion about it. There is no right or wrong answer. In brief, we were asked to discuss about the following topics:

What is the meaning of nothing?
Is it good to be bad?
A discussion about a metal sculpture. 

From the Philosothon, I learnt that nothing doesn’t technically exist as nothing can always mean something. I also learnt that sometimes when you do something good, it can be perceived as good or bad by different people in different situations. In short, I learnt to think like a philosopher! 

I really enjoyed the Philosothon because of the interesting and valuable knowledge I gained, which I think is useful at present and in the future too. One topic that fascinated me the most was the discussion on the meaning of nothing.  

With no doubt, I would highly recommend the Philosothon as it broadened my knowledge and way of thinking. I am sure that the discussions would be very useful for other students too, as the topics encouraged open thinking and understanding of different views.

Azrayan Saiyed
Year 4, Meadow Springs Campus