Medieval Dioramas - Humanities and Social Sciences Lesson

Secondary Subjects and Electives Thursday, 17 Nov 2022

Recently, we have been working on dioramas in Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) as part of our Medieval Europe assignment. We had to choose an important topic or event from 476 to 1500 CE.

People chose events, ideas, and significant people who shaped European society, such as Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror. Many people chose the Battle of Hastings or trial by ordeal among the issues or events discussed. The purpose of the task was to demonstrate the significance of our chosen topic. After we completed the dioramas, we wrote a short validation paragraph explaining the importance of our topic or event and how it shaped Europe.

Throughout this assessment, we have learnt about how such events sculpted Europe into today's society and how events so long ago are relevant. Overall, this task was very engaging and interactive, making it fun to complete. We look forward to participating in similar tasks in the future!

By Mytam Quan and Isla McGaffin
Year 8

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