Year 9 Excursion to OPTUS and the Aviation Museum

Secondary Subjects and Electives Wednesday, 15 May 2024

The Year 9s thoroughly enjoyed their HASS Excursion on Tuesday, which incorporated visits to the RAAF Aviation Museum, and Optus Stadium. 

Students learned the history behind the development of Optus Stadium, and how an old rubbish tip eventually became the centrepiece of Perth’s entertainment district. The stadium’s design reflects a connection to Western Australia’s rich history, and the logistics required to host a myriad of events demonstrates the interconnections of the stadium to the rest of Australia, and the world. Students were able to go out onto the ground, see the cutting-edge turf maintenance technology, go into the changerooms of the Eagles and Dockers, as well as see the high-end corporate suites, coaches’ boxes and broadcast studios used on match days.

The RAAF Aviation Museum gave students an insight into the role of Australia’s air force throughout our military history. Thanks to the help of some incredibly helpful and knowledgeable volunteers, students were able to learn about fighter jets, weaponry and tactics used by the RAAF, and the incredible sacrifices made by its members. 

We would like to thank the volunteers for their time and insights, and also extend a thank you to the Optus staff for their informative and entertaining tour of the venue.