Year 9 and Year 10 Outdoor Education

Secondary Subjects and Electives Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022

Our Years 9 and 10 students have recently completed their Outdoor Education Camps for 2022.

Year 9 classes camped at either Baden Powell camp grounds in the Lane Poole Nature Reserve or Potter’s Gorge in the Wellington National Park, whilst Year 10 students camped at Conto’s Spring or Jarrahdene Camp in the Leeuwin Naturalist National Park.

Both camps were again very successful as evidenced by students who participated in the Outdoor Education Camps.

The Camps are so beneficial for our students as they allow them to succeed where before they felt they could not succeed and feel proud of what they have achieved, treat others with tolerance and respect, make new friends, and demonstrate care for the environment in their own actions.

We love attending camps with students and watching their personal growth in self-confidence, resilience and skill development.

Peter Skeggs
Head of Outdoor Education

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