Year 7 Maths Extension Class Work Published On Cambridge University's Nrich Website

Secondary Subjects and Electives Monday, 18 July 2022

Mrs Gardham’s amazing Year 7 Maths Extension class have been actively problem-solving this term, using the Nrich website from Cambridge University, UK.

They have been enjoying solving challenging problems, sending in their solutions to be published on the website, which is then used in schools worldwide.

It is extremely difficult to be published as only the best, most clearly explained solutions are used:

Maxi Pyramid:

River Crossing:

Huge congratulations to these students. We look forward to more students being published this year!

  • Indii Anastazjew
  • Caleb Archer
  • Saskia Bartusch
  • Kaylie Breeze
  • Reef Fell
  • Lathika Jayasuriya
  • Mignione Karg
  • Aila Lewis
  • Elliott Major
  • Ramya Mehta
  • Ari Salpietro
  • Addisyn Starkey
  • Tamsyn Suitor
  • Benjamin Svedin
  • Zoe Thompson
  • George Young

Mrs Alison Gardham
Year 7 Teacher