Year 6 Writing Extension Excursion

Primary School Monday, 03 Oct 2022

On 15 September, our Year 6 Writing Extension group travelled to Subiaco Arts Centre to attend The Scribblers Festival. This event consisted of authors, illustrators and storytellers from across Perth, Australia, and around the world.

Our students delighted in sessions from Julia Lawrinson, Deb Fitzpatrick and Amie Kaufman who covered a wide range of subjects and generated excitement around the writing process.

What have you learnt today?

• A simple way to improve your writing skills is to write 10 minutes every single day - Chloe W.

• Many authors find inspiration from everyday life - Mackenzy B.

• I learnt it takes 1-2 years to fully complete a book - Bonita B.

• I learnt that even though fiction is made up, there is still a lot of research behind it - Olivia C.

• Most authors have other jobs and studied many different things, like Amie who has a degree in History - Grace K.

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