Year 6 Soccer - Winter Sport Update

Sports Updates Wednesday, 15 Jun 2022

It is great to see so many students back for another season of soccer; some of these boys have been playing soccer through school since Pre-Primary, with coach Adam Roberts back for his fourth season. The team (Year 6 boys) moved into the Ollyroos Soccer this year – which means they play Year 6 or Year 7 teams, with a bigger playing pitch and offside rules are now part of the game.

Credit to the boys, they are working hard to learn these new rules, new plays and skills, they all turn up to training and games rain or shine and all enjoy playing each week with their mates. COVID has bought about a few challenges trying to balance subs; some games the boys are playing straight through with no subs but we are all in the same boat with that one at the moment. One of the most exciting games recently the boys were 2-1 down at halftime and game back to draw the game 3-3. We can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes!

Niki Roberts
(School Parent/Team Manager)