Year 3 Student Finishes His Last Round Of Chemo – Our FIAS Champion!

Primary School Thursday, 09 Jun 2022

Year 3 had some very exciting news shared with them on Friday last week as their classmate, Keagan Laubscher, announced that he had completed his final round of chemo!

Keagan’s blood cancer journey started in February 2019, and it has been a very eventful few years as, not only did Keagan receive this diagnosis, but he also was bitten by a spider and was found to have thrombosis during this period.

Keagan’s mum, Dané, helped him read his journey booklet to his classmates on Tuesday, and answered any questions they had. Keagan’s family is absolutely thrilled that this is the end of a long journey, and they understandably wanted to share their news and celebrate – and what better way than with cupcakes!

Both Year 3 classes were treated to the delicious cupcakes (a wonderful parent of the School organised and collected them, but wishes to remain anonymous), all of which were decorated with ‘Congratulations, Keagan” ribbons!

As written at the end of Keagan’s journey booklet: “Never stop believing in life because Hope and Miracles happen every day”.

Congratulations, Keagan!! Keep on smiling 😊

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