Year 12 Outdoor Education (General) Shark Bay Expedition

Sports Updates Monday, 18 Jul 2022

Our Year 12 Outdoor Education students recently completed a five-day sea kayaking trip in and around the World Heritage-listed Shark Bay.

The students had been working hard to prepare for this, and despite some very average weather, they completed the challenge.

Here is some footage from their incredible expedition - please enjoy! 

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After their exams, two Year 12 Outdoor Education classes headed up to the World Heritage-listed area of Shark Bay, where they were to spend five days kayaking in and around the Francois Peron National Park.

After many weeks of planning and practicing the skills they would need for the expedition, they could finally put these into practice. Carrying everything they needed for the week in their kayaks, they set off from either Monkey Mia or Denham for an adventure.

Beautiful clear waters allowed them to see the huge amount of wildlife on offer; a variety of fish, different types of rays, sea snakes, and the occasional shark provided them entertainment as they travelled up the beautiful coastline.

They were lucky to bring all their food with them as we did not prove to be very successful at fishing. Camping on the beaches provided a challenge; sand, salt water, and Terry the Trowel became their new best friends.

When they thought they were getting the hang of it, mother nature provided another challenge with some drenching rain to paddle and cook in. It wasn’t easy; they sometimes wanted to be anywhere but on Expedition, but they all had a massive sense of achievement when they arrived back at Monkey Mia.

The final night provided the last challenge. At Hamelin Station, the students enjoyed a well-earned warm shower and a big cook-up in the camp kitchen while the rain poured down, only to return to find their tents floating in ankle-deep water when it was time to go to bed! It was an uncomfortable and cold night to be had by all, but the stories and experiences we shared that week will be remembered as fond memories.

The students should be proud of their achievements. It is an adventure that not everyone gets to experience.

Thank you to Mr Sheldon Miguel and Mr Kevin Watson for facilitating this for their classes.