Year 12 2021 - ATAR Results and Awards

Secondary Subjects and Electives Monday, 24 Jan 2022

To follow up on our recent Facebook post (below), Frederick Irwin Anglican School would like to highlight our strong results in the recent ATAR examinations.

An extremely high number of our students, 103 total, sat 4 or more ATAR examinations in 2021, we are very proud of the following results

  • 10 students achieved an ATAR of 95+
  • 16 students achieved an ATAR between 90.0 and 94.95
  • 20 students achieved an ATAR between 80.0 and 89.95
  • 24 students achieved an ATAR between 70.0 and 79.95

Highest ATAR 98.9
Median ATAR 77.2

68% of eligible students achieved an ATAR of 70+, the minimum required for University entry. Of the 133 eligible students

  • 99% of sudents achieved a WACE (132 students of the eligible 133)
  • 77% of students completed an ATAR pathway (103 students)
  • 23% of students completed a General pathway (30 students)

Courses with the highest performing students based on percentage of students who had Year 12 ATAR course combined scores in the top 15 per cent of all students in that course:

  • Health Studies
  • Mathematics Methods
  • Media Production and Analysis
  • Physics
  • Visual Arts

We would particularly like to congratulate the students awarded Certificates of Distinction and Merit for their ATAR and WACE Results across various subjects.

In recognition of consistent school achievement, a Certificate of Merit or Certificate of Distinction is awarded to eligible students who, in their last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment, achieves:

Certificate of Merit 150–189 points; and
Certificate of Distinction 190–200 points.

The points are accrued from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units of which 10 are at Year 12. Unit equivalents from VET certificates achieved can be used to meet the requirements.

Certificate of Distinction:

  • Lauren Daniels
  • Mason Foo
  • Richard Gray
  • Rui Harrison
  • Peter Logue
  • Meghan Magee
  • Samuel McGowan
  • Adara Storey
  • Louis van Rooyen

Certificate of Merit:

  • Brodie Cheater
  • Lily Gray
  • Nicholas Greig
  • Ruby James
  • Tafara Manyonga
  • Courtney Ross
  • Oliver Self
  • Crystal sing
  • Kala Taylor
  • Cale Tierney
  • Jacobus van Zyl
  • Kai Wai Wright
  • Ellie Yendell

We congratulate our students on their achievements, and acknowledge our teachers for their commitment and dedication to teaching and encouraging our students.