Where Are They Now? Class of 2013 Update

Alumni News Friday, 17 Mar 2023

One member of the Class of 2013 is Keegan Crawford, who is now the Video Coordinator and Development Coach at the Perth Wildcats!

“My time at Freddies is filled with fond memories and friendships. The boys group chat is still going strong every day, ten years after graduation! I loved anything to do with sport and outdoor education. The competitive drive between houses and schools were always highlights. Camps with Mr Skeggs, Mr Harrop and Mrs Watts were some of the best times, from learning to cook on a campfire in Nanga to our sailing expeditions and camping on the beach.

I always enjoyed Inter-School Basketball carnivals with Mr Miguel and Mrs Crane. My year playing for Freddies in the local Mandurah competition with friends was one of my funniest seasons in basketball.

My favourite classes included Economics with Mr Boukaseff, English with Mr Carmody and Media with Mrs Evans. The courses offered me great variety to allow me to pursue different skillsets. My time allowed me to come out of my shell, the confidence and socialising from being in our big year group has given me skills that aid in my professional career.

I’ll always look back at my time at Freddies with great pride, knowing I was in a great environment that helped me shape who I am today.”