Trail Blazers 2024 STEM Programme

State and National Representatives Tuesday, 30 Jan 2024

Well done to a number of our talented senior students who participated in Trail Blazers, a Peel Region program with Bright Minds, to promote STEM and leadership in our youth, ages 13-17 ( 

Accepting only 36 kids each time, and taking place 16 to 21 January 2024, Year 8 students Dion Williams, Kirkland Lowens, Logan Humphrey, Dylan Angelos, Year 9 student Lathika Jayasuriya and Year 10 student Kassidy George were invited to attend from Frederick Irwin Anglican School.

Opening ceremonies included speakers like Lisa Munday and the Minister for Youth, Ms Beazley.

What a great experience! The students enjoy their jam-packed week of activities, and will continue to meet about once a month for another 5 months.