Summer Sports Wrap Up!

Sports Updates Monday, 11 Apr 2022

Summer basketball has wrapped up for the season.  Thank you to all our awesome Coaches and Managers that volunteer their time to enable our FIAS students to play with their friends, learn new skills, develop sportsmanship and just get to be out on the court!!

Well done to all the players who have represented FIAS so well in the Mandurah Basketball Association.  It has been great to see all the photos and comments about successful games, but also camaraderie, sportsmanship and excellent team play.  Well done to all the teams who made Finals, and especially to our successful Grand Final winners.Congratulations to the following players who were the recipient of the Team Award for FIAS Season 2022.  The criteria is all about enthusiasm, respect for all involved in the game, encouragement of teammates, giving 100% and demonstrating sportsmanship.

Claire Booker
Sports Coordinator 

Under 9 Boys and Girls

  • FIAS Slammers Benjamin Wayte
  • FIAS Wildcats William Calam
  • FIAS PP Indigo Summers
  • FIAS Lakers Bede Starkey
  • FIAS Rangers Esther Game
  • FIAS Hornets Walter Fogarty-Dodd
  • FIAS Tigers Tobias Haine
  • FIAS Sharks Levi Jones
  • FIAS Storm Lacey Chitty
  • FIAS Jumpers Angus Milne
  • FIAS Jazz Briar Scholfield
  • FIAS Thunder Blake White / Jasper Taylor
  • FIAS Starbursts Chelsea Woodage

Under 11 Girls and Boys

  • FIAS Fast and Furious Jade Rutherford
  • FIAS Suns Zachari Tordoff
  • FIAS Panthers Archer Jensen
  • FIAS Marlins Owen Barkes
  • FIAS Angels Willow Schab
  • FIAS Sixers Henry Moss
  • FIAS Jets Victor Game
  • FIAS Hurricanes Genevieve Sayer
  • FIAS Panthers Jasmine Burtenshaw

Under 13 Boys and Girls

  • FIAS Champs Harrison McKee
  • Magic Freddies Oakley Crouch
  • FIAS Stormers Seth Willmore
  • FIAS Flames Odin Jensen
  • FIAS Jaguars Justin Mitri
  • FIAS Legends Grace Bartlett
  • FIAS Ballstars Levi Appleton
  • FIAS Jumpers Mason Astle
  • FIAS Jordans Angus Lane
  • FIAS Warriors Sofia Novoselskaia
  • FIAS Lightning Tamsyn Suitor

Under 15 Boys and Girls 

  • FIAS Wildcats Luke Riegert
  • FIAS Bulldogs Blake Burtenshaw
  • FIAS Blazers Reilly Hull
  • Freddies Gherkins Elora Downie
  • FIAS Fighters Indiana Davies
  • FIAS Stars Will Sattler

U17 Boys and Girls 

  • FIAS Mighty Meerkats Hannah Chatfield
  • FIAS Lemurs Kurt Rosenthal
  • FIAS Ballerz Vanessa Baker
  • FIAS Hedgehogs Cooper Perry
  • FIAS Ballers Brody Sing
  • FIAS Frogs Jaimie Sewell
  • FIAS Dunkers Daniel Butcher
  • FIAS Rockets Kirsten Van Der Linde

Under 21 Women

  • FIAS Teslers Sydney Meares

Winter Sport starts next term. It has been a very busy time with registrations and team formation. Thank you to everyone who registered by the cut-off date.  

It certainly makes things easier if we have nominations in nice and early.  This year we have 12 soccer teams in the Peel Junior Soccer Association, 21 netball teams in the Mandurah Netball Association and 5 Hockey teams in the Peel Hockey Association.  

Again, this is not possible without the huge numbers of people who volunteer to take on coaching and managing roles.  So thank you! Team lists have now been sent out and some teams have started training with all games starting early next term.

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