Students 'Beat Box' on Mandurah Foreshore

Performing Arts Friday, 11 Mar 2022

Over the summer school holidays, five Frederick Irwin Anglican School Year 11 students (Sam Rutherfurd, Emily Tamplin, Lachlan Dods, Hudson Merema and Amy Latham) performed with their band at an event called ‘Beat Box’, on the Mandurah Foreshore, as well as performing at the Mandurah Music Club.

Beat Box is a free community stage - it’s a free jamming space, a local concert venue and a place for musicians/ artists to perform, provided by the City of Mandurah.

The Band performed a selection of modern and older songs and instrumental pieces. The crowd loved the performance, with the soloists receiving standing ovations, including from some fellow musicians.

Congratulations to all the students, and what an amazing experience!

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