ServiceWA App – Christ’s Church Volunteers

Student Leaders Monday, 31 Jan 2022

On Monday 24 January, nine of our Year 12 students (Carys Brown, Monique Moylan, Richarda Van Der Meer, Tess Rafferty, Luke Storey, Tahlia Brown, Adriaan van Zyl, William Rugendyke and Jaimee Thompson) volunteered to lead sessions at Christ’s Church Mandurah, to support community members with downloading the new ServiceWA app. 

2022 Head Girl, Carys Brown, led the initiative saying that she was happy to help out the community and those struggling with the ServiceWA app.

“I am so happy we are here today with all my friends from Freddies,” she said.

Through the Church, community members made bookings with the students which ensure the 9am-12noon sessions went smoothly.

Reverend Canon Ian Mabey said it was great to have young people to come in and help the older generation with technology.

“It’s been great to see Carys and the other students empowered to do things for others, and I think it’s very important in our life of the School, and in all the things we do together in the Anglican Church.

Ms Anne McGladdery, church member and ex-teacher who was at the ServiceWA session, said that she was very impressed with the calibre of these young people.

“I’m an ex-teacher myself and I would have loved to have taught people like them.

“They have been most helpful and Tess has been very patient indeed,” she said.

We thank our Year 12 students who gave up their own time and volunteered for this initiative, as it shows a great deal of maturity and mindfulness – and a special kindness to put the needs of others before themselves.

Well done, to our Year 12s!