Secondary Swimming Carnival Fun!

Sports Updates Friday, 24 Mar 2023

The Secondary Swimming Carnivals were held on Friday 10 March for Years 10 to 12 and Monday 13 March for Years 7 to 9, with both days being extremely successful.

Both days had perfect weather conditions, and the students all took part, competing and cheering their Houses on.

Congratulations to all students for having a go, whether it was in their competitive races of choice, or the fun boogie board relays!

Thank you to the staff members who helped on the day with the many different jobs, it ensured both days were a success.

Peter Skeggs
Head of Physical Education


Years 7 to 9

1st Gordon
2nd Jamieson
3rd Arnold
4th Rose
4th Ellis
6th Barrett

Years 10 to 12

1st Arnold
2nd Barrett
3rd Gordon
4th Rose
5th Jamieson
6th Ellis