School Wellbeing Dog Visiting with Principal Mrs Tracey Gray!

Principals Update Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023

"I have walked around the campus with a beautiful Golden Retriever called Flynn who is being introduced as our visiting School Wellbeing Dog. It is clear from the research that wellbeing dogs can help students in all sorts of ways. We have seen the benefits of the Story Dogs that visit our school so children can read to them.

"Flynn is a very well behaved dog who loves a pat and a rub of his tummy. He will visit from time-to-time to give students some encouragement and provide some wellbeing through a cuddle and a pat. The students were oohing and ahhing as I walked him around and I didn’t get further than the canteen quad area for all the cuddles!

"He will visit the Meadow Springs Primary, Secondary and Halls Head so keep an eye out for Flynn. He is having his Frederick Irwin Uniform made so you won’t miss him!"