School Newsletter Excerpt - From The Principal

Principals Update Tuesday, 05 Apr 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers

What does it mean to be part of a community?

I have been spending time with Year 5, Year 7 and Year 8 students at lunchtime and asking them what they love about the Freddies community. They have shared that, they love that we are a big school with a community feel and that they feel part of a caring community. They have all shared that the teachers really care about them, they have great friends and they love the way they can support their House through a variety of opportunities.

Earlier this term some of our Year 12s spent time at Christ’s Church in Mandurah helping members of the community download the SafeWA app. It was so wonderful to see the care our students took in helping each person navigate the various aspects of the SafeWA app – wonderful. I have seen so many examples of students helping each other and demonstrating community. Our Secondary School mentors provide support to Year 7 students and while Covid has meant we have needed to be a little more creative in this endeavour, they are doing their bit in helping students settle and feel part of the special community that we are.

Being part of a community means showing that everyone matters and that everyone is important. Showing our values of respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion and courage are vital in being a caring community that makes a difference in society. Showing compassion towards others is a big part of being a community as CARE is at the heart of it.

Being part of a community is about celebrating the good times and supporting each other during tough times too. I am loving being part of this caring school community and can’t wait until we can connect all together and enjoy picnics and BBQ’s and all the wonderful community and school events that we are excited to run once Covid settles down.

God bless

Tracey Gray