Principal Newsletter Extract - Murdoch University TLC Program Certificates

Principals Update Tuesday, 27 Sept 2022

For our Year 12s their schooling is getting closer to the finish line and I know there is a mix of excitement and apprehension as they begin to revise and finalise the last requirements before they graduate. Already many are hearing about early University offers and other exciting opportunities. It is a real buzz hearing them talk about how they are securing their post-school pathways. I am so proud of these hardworking young people.

Last night (Thursday 22 September) I had the privilege of seeing nine of our Year 12s get awarded their certificates from the Murdoch University TLC program which provides an innovative pathway into University. I was so proud to witness their achievements and seeing the next door open for them. They are prepared for their futures and are excited about their next chapter.

These are examples of success for ALL students which is important to me. As my first graduating class as Principal, these students hold a special place in my heart. They are wonderful young people with bright futures ahead and I know they will dig deep, study hard and make wise choices for the last part of their school journey.

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