Perth Primary Philosothon

Primary School Monday, 07 Nov 2022

The Inaugural Perth Primary Philosothon, run by The Association for Philosophy in Schools WA, took place on Wednesday 2 November at Methodist Ladies’ College.

The purpose of the event was to provide students with an opportunity to reflect deeply on philosophical and ethical issues, fostering critical thinking and communication skills. Students were selected for their natural curiosity about the world around them and their ability to communicate their thoughts with others.

This was a non-competitive event however, facilitators were looking for students who could demonstrate critical and creative thinking, provide thoughtful responses, and collaborate respectfully with their peers. A trophy was awarded to the most promising philosopher in each year level. We are proud to announce that Ethan Archer was the recipient of the Year 5 award!

Thank you to the students who participated on the day and to the parents who were able to assist transporting students to and from the event.

Jenni McRae
Learning Enrichment

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