New in 2023 for our Non-ATAR Year 11 Students!

School News Tuesday, 02 Aug 2022

We are excited to announce that from 2023 onwards, our non-ATAR Year 11 students will be able to have access to both on-site and off-site (Friday Only) TAFE Certificate Courses*!

Friday Certificates are available for our students for:
• North Metro TAFE
• South Metro TAFE
• Fremantle Education Centre

Students will also have access to study with the Construction Training Fund (CTF), where they must apply for 2-year program, and also at MPA Skills (Training and Apprenticeship Training):
• 1 year Plumbing – Jandakot,
• or 1 year Painting – Morley

The Fee for Service Certificates include:
• Applied Vocational Training - Animal Studies online
• Health Science Hub
• Fremantle Education Centre

Our on-site Certificates will still be offered on-site across the week’s timetable as usual:
• Certificate II In Creative Industries (Live Production)
• Certificate II Engineering Pathways
• Certificate III In Music Industry
• Certificate II In Sport and Recreation
• Certificate III Sport and Recreation – Prerequisite Of Certificate II Sport and Recreation

* All VET courses are subject to acceptance as enrolment in courses is not a guaranteed place.

If you have any questions regarding these processes, or Courses, please contact our VET Advisor, Mrs Peta Sattler, on au or call (08) 9537 0000.

Find out more here: https://www.frederickirwin.wa....