Netball 2022

Sports Updates Friday, 14 Oct 2022

Frederick Irwin has had a great netball season. We continued to be one of the largest clubs within the association with 21 teams from Year 1 through to Year 12 and our one team of ex-FIAS players who continued to represent FIAS in the Mandurah Netball Association.

New things we’ve done in 2022; we held a specialist shooting clinic for our coaches and players to learn new skills, and a big thankyou to one of our coaches – Melissa Schab for coordinating this.  We held a Net Set Go clinic with a coach from Netball WA running a coach development program for our coaches and some Peel Lightning players running some activities for our younger players.  We continued our coach development with an on-court error detection workshop for the coaches of our older players –we were very lucky to have such committed and dedicated coaches who took the time to attend and well support these.  Coach development links to player development!!

We had Miss Maddy Pettit, who plays high-level netball for South Mandurah, attend some of the training of our teams, and this added a great session for these teams in their programs. Thank you to our dedicated team managers

who did all the behind the scene work….it was very much appreciated.  I’d also like to acknowledge the FIAS umpires, it’s not always an easy job and we appreciated their commitment.  Emma Skelton, Lottie Tipple, Jacinta Walker, Sally Dickson Molloy, Molly Stewart, Finlay Hepburn, Lilly Payne and Kate Logue were out there every week doing a fantastic job.  Congratulations to Molly, Finlay and Kate who all progressed on to their C Badge during the season, and Sally, who moved from green to white shirt. Congratulations to Anika and Isabel Boonzaaier, who completed the Green Shirt program and will continue on to be our umpires next year.

A HUGE thank you to Mrs Kristy Stewart, who coordinated our umpires every week – it was a massive job to cover 21 games every week, and we appreciated the amazing job she did.  Also to Mrs Jonel Boonzaaier, who ran the senior competition every Monday night and is our other FIAS representative on the committee.  Junior sports cannot run without volunteers, so having FIAS people fill these roles was imperative to our involvement in the association.
It is fabulous to see we had a number of players achieve their ‘50 game’ achievement:

Evelyn Bocos                     Elizabeth Shepherd             Rosalie Smith           Genevieve Taljaard

Chloe Westwater                Corina Williams                  Abigail Myers            Brooke Morton

Olivia Larvin                      Mia Lane                           Sophie Harford         Vanessa Gray

Poornitha Godavarti            Kona Goard                       Chloe Germano        Olivia Cowling

Hitomi Cording                   Kaitlyn Britza                      Anika Boonzaaier      Isabel Boonzaaier

Sienna Samakovidis   

This year we had three players reach the 100-game milestone; Oliva Hedley and our ex-Frederick Irwin Students – Emily Waller and

Mia Crane.

Well done to our players who made TDS development teams and represented Mandurah in the SW Championships.  This also shows that you can play at Frederick Irwin, with your friends and represent your school and still have the development opportunities offered by MNA.  A big congratulations to these players.

I’d also like to thank our coaches of all our teams! Junior sports cannot run without these people giving up their hours every week, and making the commitment because they love netball as well as the fact they love giving these young people the opportunity to play and develop. 

A huge congratulations to all our FIAS teams that made finals.  Out of 11 teams that play in age groups that have finals, we had 6 teams that qualified; FIAS 1, FIAS 2, FIAS 3, FIAS 5, FIAS 7 and FIAS 9.
We ended up with 3 teams playing in Grand Finals – FIAS 1, FIAS 3 and FIAS 7.  A huge congratulations to FIAS 1 and FIAS 3 (coached by Jayne Stanley), who were victorious in their games, a great way for them to finish their season.  Special mention to Abbey Burnham (FIAS 7), Brooke Morton (FIAS 3) and Jacinta Walker (FIAS 1), who were named Most Valuable player in their games.
The TEAM AWARD for each team goes to the player who best represents all the qualities that we would like to see in a Frederick Irwin Netballer. Someone; with great sportsmanship, who always listens and tries really hard to improve their netball skills, who have been enthusiastic at games and training, who has been friendly and supportive of their other teammates and had fun playing netball.
Congratulations to:

FIAS 2 Vanessa Gray
FIAS 3 Jaimee Guy
FIAS 4 Lucy Luscombe
FIAS 5 Kaitlyn Britza
FIAS 6 Kiara Terblanche
FIAS 7 Poornitha Godavarti
FIAS 8 Tamsyn Suitor
FIAS 9 Emma Jayne Potgieter
FIAS 10 Macie Wright
FIAS 12 Georgia Newick
FIAS 13 Sophie Steineck
FIAS 14 Maggie Moore
FIAS 15 Ella Burgess
FIAS 16 Tiffany Onn
FIAS 17 Phoebe Rayner
FIAS 18 Ivy Stewart
FIAS 19 Lacey Chitty
FIAS 20 Indianna Cooper
FIAS 21 Londan Backshall
Thank you to everyone involved in FIAS netball and we look forward to 2023.

Mrs Claire Booker
Sports Coordinator