Maths Empowering Girls 2023

Secondary Subjects and Electives Monday, 04 Dec 2023

Recently, ten of our top Year 9 girls attended the MEG (Maths Empowering Girls) day @curtinuniversity

This was a day designed to demonstrate the amazing employment opportunities available to them through studying maths at a higher level. They also were able to appreciate the value of maths and mathematical thinking through all the activities they took part in.

They day started off with an inspiring speech from Dr Hurley-Walker, an award winning astronomer, and then the students took part in Career based workshops demonstrating the Mathematics used.

It was a wonderful day and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it, opening up their eyes to the opportunities available to them through studying higher maths.

Thank you to Mrs Denise Logue for accompanying the girls on this adventure.

Ms Carron Thornton
Head of Mathematics