Masquerade Rehearsals and Performance Night

Performing Arts Monday, 18 July 2022

The Year 11/12 Drama General class performed Masquerade on Monday 20 June, Week 9 of Term 2.

Masquerade is a story that follows the adventures of Joe and Tessa as they make their way through the celestial world, joining Jack Hare on his mission to deliver the Moon’s professed love for the Sun.

Rehearsals began with the first read through where the class discovered what the play was truly about. Our teachers then moved us on quickly, working hard to block all scenes by the end of Term 1.

Over time, the class was able to slowly piece it all together during the tech rehearsals with costumes, lighting and sound coming together to form our performance. Although there were a few setbacks due to Covid, the Year 11/12 class persevered to showcase all of their hard work made throughout the term, making many memories together as a class.

Samira Story
Year 11 Student

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