How and Why To Be A Great FIAS Sports Team Player

Newsletter - Co-Curricular Sport Monday, 19 June 2023

Being a great sports teammate is what makes every great sports team great! When team members are selfless and committed to team success, the entire team experiences a boost in motivation, focus, and resiliency — all qualities commonly found on successful teams. 

The great news about being an important team member is that every person can be a great teammate, even if they are not the most talented or gifted athlete.

Being a great Frederick Irwin Anglican School sports teammate does not require great strength or speed, nor does it mean you have to be one of the best players on the team. Instead, being a great FIAS sports teammate relies simply on wanting to be an important team member, and a commitment to the qualities found in successful teammates. 

There are times a player may need to play in an unfamiliar or not their favourite position. This is because the coach might have to take the ‘usual’ player off, there might be an injury, they want to try a different combination etc.  It might even mean sitting on the bench when the player wasn’t expecting to. 

However, in a team sport, a player plays where their team needs them to play on that day.  That’s what being in a team is all about. 

The success of the team relies on every team member ‘buying in’ to the team, by their positive attitude, preparation, focus, effort and versatility — qualities that every FIAS team member can develop.