Halls Head Athletics Carnival Taiko Performance

Primary School Tuesday, 04 Oct 2022

Taiko means 'fat drum' in Japanese. But there is a variety of shapes and sizes. Japanese people have played for over 2000 years in daily life; for example, communication, religious rituals, etc.

But the modern taiko ensemble -'kumi-daiko' style was developed by a jazz drummer, Daihachi Oguchi, around 70 years ago. Now it is prevalent around the world.

Playing taiko ensembles is a physical activity like martial arts. Students can learn drumming skills, language, and manners through Taiko.

One of the classic taiko pieces Year 4 students played is called 'Isamigoma'- Galloping horses, composed by Daihachi Oguchi.

A lot of students show good rhythm skills in this class. I was so delighted to see a fantastic performance at the Halls Head Athletics Carnival.

Naoko Kimata
Japanese Teacher