Guppy Babies at Halls Head Campus

Primary School Monday, 16 May 2022

In KH1 last term, they introduced Sushi and Dora, two guppies, to the science and nature learning area. The children loved watching them swim around the tank and also helping to feed them.

We had a sneaky suspicion that Sushi was pregnant and in Week 4, we welcomed 11 baby guppies (fry). Once again, the children's attention was captured and their interest in the baby guppies was amazing, as they watched them grow and used the magnifying glasses to see the fry up close (they are only about 3mm in length at birth). We also took this opportunity to practice our counting, as we all attempted to count the tiny moving guppies in our tank. 

This part was definitely a bit tricky, but a lot of fun!We had come to terms with having a total of 13 fish in our Kindergarten fish tank, when Week 6 happened. Suddenly there were new fry.... at least 10 more baby guppies, bringing our tank total over 23. 

Again, this sparked conversations about measurement and how much the first lot had grown since being born, in comparison to the new ones, and so the counting fun started once again! 

Crystal Simmons
Education Assistant