FIAS Fireworks Soccer Team

Newsletter - Co-Curricular Sport Tuesday, 01 Aug 2023

The FIAS Fireworks are the Pre-Primary and Year 1 Halls Head Campus Soccer team. At the start of the season, most players did not know what being part of a team was like. The players found it daunting to even compete in the games. On Thursday evenings, Coach Jono works hard with the team, and we’ve watched them improve every single week.

All eight of our players turn up to the Saturday games with enthusiasm. Every player has such a fantastic attitude and now understands what it is like to play in a team. 

They work together by passing the ball and cheering on their teammates. We’ve loved watching them grow into the little stars they have become. 

Great Job FIAS Fireworks! 

Manager: Samantha Hatfield
Players: Paul, Isaac, Will, Jacob, Tiger, Ben, Leo, Elliott