FIAS 3 and FIAS 4 - Year 12 Netball Winter Sport Update

Sports Updates Wednesday, 15 Jun 2022

Last Saturday the two Year 12 teams played each other, and what we saw was a wonderful display of sportsmanship and friendship. One of the teams was short two players due to illness and injury, and the reserves from the other FIAS team happily stepped up and filled in for them. This allowed a competitive game to take place, but also meant they would be playing against their own team. Each student who filled in for the other Frederick Irwin Anglican School team did this with enthusiasm and commitment.

It was a really great game to watch, as the two teams played a game of fairness, friendship and sportsmanship. The game was thoroughly enjoyed by both players and spectators and many parents came up after the game to comment on how enjoyable it was to watch.

I am extremely proud to be part of the Frederick Irwin Netball Club and extremely proud to be coaching students who show great sportsmanship, dedication and pride in representing our school.

Jayne Stanley
(School Parent/Team Coach)