Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning - Issue 07, 2024 (School Newsletter)

Newsletter - Executive Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Dear Parents and Carers

It only seems like yesterday that I was welcoming everyone back to the beginning of the new school year and here we are, almost at the end of Semester 1 – time in flying. As we approach the end of Semester 1, just a couple of important dates to remember.

  • Semester Reports
    Semester 1 Reports for Years 11 and 12 will be available in SEQTA by 4.00 pm Wednesday 19 June 2024 and Years 7 to 10 will be available in SEQTA by 4.00pm Friday 21 June 2024. Parents will need to log in to SEQTA Engage to be able to view their child’s/children’s Semester 1 Report.
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews for Year 10
    Year 10 Parent-Teacher interviews will be on Tuesday 30 July 2024 (Week 3 of Term 3).
    Year 10 parents are encouraged to use this opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss suitable subject selections for Year 11.
  • Year 12 Exams
    Year 12 Exams will run from Tuesday 21 May until Wednesday 29 May.
  • Year 11 Exams
    Year 11 Exams will run from Thursday 30 May until Friday 7 June.
  • Year 10 Exams
    Year 10 Exams will run from Tuesday 4 June until Friday 7 June.
  • Year 8 and 9 Common Assessment Tasks
    Year 8 and 9 Common Assessment Tasks will run from Tuesday 4 June until Tuesday 11 June.

I want to wish everyone all the very best with these exams and assessments. These exams are not just a test of your knowledge, but a testament to your hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

In the days leading up to your exams, remember that preparation is the key. While studying can sometimes feel overwhelming, it's essential to approach it with a positive mindset.

  1. Break down your study material into manageable chunks and tackle them one at a time.
  2. Set realistic goals for each study session and celebrate your progress along the way.
  3. Practice active learning techniques such as summarizing, teaching the material to a friend, or creating flashcards to reinforce your understanding. Don't forget to take breaks and prioritize self-care to ensure your mind stays sharp and focused.
  4. Visualize success and believe in your abilities. Confidence can be a powerful ally in overcoming exam jitters. Trust in the knowledge and skills you've acquired throughout the year and approach each exam with calmness and determination.
  5. While academic preparation is paramount, don't underestimate the significance of self-care and well-being. Take regular breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body, ensuring that you're able to maintain focus and mental clarity. Prioritize activities that bring you joy and relaxation, nurturing a healthy balance between study and leisure.

Above all, remember that exams are just one measure of your academic journey. Regardless of the outcome, your hard work and effort are commendable. Stay positive, stay focused, and give it your best shot.

Kind regards
Anne Crock
Deputy Head of Secondary Teaching and Learning