Baptism at Halls Head Campus

Anglican Identity Monday, 04 Dec 2023

On Friday 24 November the Halls Head Campus was honoured to host the Baptism ceremony for Mrs Judy Sparkes, Chair of Council.

The Baptism was conducted by Canon James Tabor and the Confirmation by the Right Reverend Dr Ian Coutts, the Bishop of Bunbury Anglican Cathedral

A highlight of the ceremony was the inclusion of the new Halls Head campus' Chalice, crafted from wood salvaged from the handrail of the old Mandurah bridge, symbolically connecting the two campuses. Additionally, the Paten used during the ceremony was fashioned from wood discovered in the Halls Head campus bush area.

The students' exemplary behaviour during the ceremony added to the reverence of the occasion. In the week leading up to the service, Halls Head teachers had incorporated discussions on the Baptism and Confirmation ceremony into the Christian Studies curriculum, enriching the students' engagement with the event.