Alumni: Citizen of the Year (Youth) - Class of 2015, Maddie Earle-Sadler

Alumni News Monday, 07 Feb 2022

Congratulations to Class of 2015 Alumni Maddie Earle-Sadler who has been awarded Citizen of the Year (Youth) at the recent Community Citizen of the Year Awards in Merredin. This is an amazing honour, and Maddie admitted she was humbled by the award.

At school, Maddie was passionate about Performing Arts and was a member of the ensembles and bands, and loved being at Frederick Irwin Anglican School. 

After finishing Year 12, Maddie was accepted to study a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Curtin.  She decided to have a break after a year and took up a position at Camp Kulin, working closely with children who were disadvantaged through trauma and cirucmstances, including refugees.  She realised then how lucky her own life was and it increased her passion to work with those who are less fortunate. 

After Camp Kulin, Maddie went on to work at the Bruce Rock Community Resource Centre, where she facilitated youth activities and works with local schools.  Her plan is to eventually branch into chaplaincy and student support in regional schools.

Maddie is extremely passionate about supporting disadvantaged youth and this Citizenship Award is truly well deserved.  Congratulations!

To read more about Maddie, she was recently featured in 'Humans of the Wheatbelt', which you can read here