ACC Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium Perth

Sports Updates Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023

On Tuesday 21 March our ACC Swimming Team travelled to HBF Stadium in Mt Claremont to compete in the ACC C Division Swimming Carnival. Despite the treachery of the freeway we made it to the stadium in time for warmups and organisation for the day.

The team had an awesome day and are to be congratulated on the outstanding sportsmanship, courage and determination they demonstrated throughout the day. As a school community we can be very proud of their efforts, they have represented us well.Once again our Year 12 students lead by example demonstrating the virtues we would expect of senior students from our school. I would also like to especially thank those students who were in the team as emergencies for the day, not a sought after, but none the less vital role within a team. Their support throughout the day was awesome. Of the 12, all but four were required to swim and without them our team would have been very much diminished and achieve far less success. Thankyou!Our school finished third overall on the day, behind Kennedy Baptist and Guilford Grammar, a very enjoyable day.Frederick Irwin placed:1st in the Overall Girls Shield

2nd  in the Junior Girls Shield2nd in the Senior Girls Shield5th in both Junior and Senior Boys Shields.Results for individual championship on the day:Harry Quinn 3rd, Male Under 13 Ben Spagnolo 3rd, Male Under 17Luke Strbac 2nd, Male Under 19Bronte Cambell 3rd, Female Under 13Megan Maley 2nd, Female Under 14Chelsea Maley 1st, Female Under 16Caitlin Leather 1st, Female Under 19

Congratulations to every member of the team! 

Peter Skeggs
Head of Physical Education 

  • Year 7 Girls: Bronte Cambell, Isla Duckrell, Adison Meyers, Amber Skinner, Abigail Wilson Smale
  • Year 8 Girls: Indii Anastazjew, Kaylie Breeze, Amber Gardiner, Megan Maley, Sofia Novoselskaia  
  • Year 9 Girls: Ryleigh Allan, Hitomi Cording, Kate Cook, Mackenzie Crafter, Kyara Grove
  • Year 10 Girls: Chelsea Maley, Lilly Payne, Penelope Stone, Kayla Spagnolo, Jenna Thornton
  • Year 11 Girls: Vanessa Baker, Tess Purcell, Serena Quinn, Cailey Spratt
  • Year 12 Girls: Emily Beeson, Caitlin Leather, Batavia Moore, Tashuana Munn
  • Year 7 Boys: Harley Hough, Lucius Hysen, Ethan Lord, Liam Potter, Harry Quinn 
  • Year 8 Boys: Brock Benjamins, Ari Salpietro, Hamish Spooner, Dylan Sparkes, Mitch Warrilow
  •  Year 9 Boys: Kaiden Buss-Dawson, Lucas Hall,  Lawrence Hoolahan, Marcus Quinn, Jack Wade  
  • Year 10 Boys: Rhett BrockmanMax Roots Mitchell Van Nus Hamlin Whitfield   
  • Year 11 Boys: Alex Gardner, Edward Mason, Aiden Pennacchio, Michael Ross, Ben Spagnolo  
  • Year 12 Boys: Ethan Boyd, Daniel Butcher, Sam Rutherford, Luke Strbac