2022 Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea

School News Wednesday, 09 Nov 2022

Yesterday morning Mrs Tracey Gray, Principal, hosted a 2022 Volunteers Thank you event for all of our wonderful team managers, coaches, library helpers, uniform shop volunteers, story dog owners, sport team coordinators, mentors and parent helpers of every type.

A lovely morning tea spread welcomed our attending 2022 Volunteers, and Mrs Tracey Gray spoke a few words thanking them for the time that they gave this year to our students, staff and our school.

"...it is just everyone doing their little bit that brings value to our kids. We have such a great community - a great community of families, a great community of staff and we should be celebrating that more and more!"

Thank you to our 2022 Volunteers who attended, and we look forward to welcoming our 2023 Volunteers at their Thank you event next year!

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