2022 AFL Season Summary

Sports Updates Monday, 18 July 2022

During Term 2, Frederick Irwin fielded two teams in this year’s Peel District Football Competition. This provided a wonderful opportunity for 45 of our students across Years 7-10 to represent their school with a sense of pride and passion. Involvement in school sport continues to be an integral part of building a sense of community and belonging here at Frederick Irwin Anglican School.

The Year 7/8 team were an enthusiastic group of boys who worked tirelessly in each of their fixtures. The boys were eventually eliminated from the competition but should be commended for the courage and sportsmanship they showed throughout each match. The Year 9/10 team displayed a high level of skill in each of their matches, eventually finishing 3rd in their competition with the final being played here at Frederick Irwin Anglican School.

This was a great opportunity to use the incredible grounds we have here at the School. Congratulations must also go to the schools groundsman who ensured the oval was in excellent condition, and well presented for the visiting side. Something which was consistently mentioned by the oppositions players, coaches and parents. A great reminder for how lucky our students are.

Congratulations to all boys who represented the School in AFL!

Ben Dunbar
Physical Education Teacher

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