Family Picnic and Bush Dance

Camps and Social Events

Primary School students are encouraged to attend these camps and social events throughout their time at Frederick Irwin Anglican School, to connect with nature, their families and their peers.

  • Family Picnic and Bush Dance – This is an important occasion on the Frederick Irwin Anglican School calendar as it allows all families with students in the School to gather in a relaxed, informal setting in the grounds of our school to enjoy a casual meal together at sunset, and is generally held early Term 1. Music is provided by the Mucky Duck Bush Dance Band.
  • Music Camp – This camp is offered to music students and Primary Choir members. Students in the Primary choir travel to the camp venue and have the opportunity to perform in a camp concert after working with their choir master on an intensive programme. Students learning individual instruments participate in the overnight element of the camp and receive tuition from music tutors. This also allows for group performances within the concert program.
  • Year 5 Camp at Point Walter  This sports and recreation camp allows students to set personal goals and face challenges, fostering cooperation, self-esteem and creativity. This camp has a focus on leadership and the skills of successful leadership. The camp, located on the picturesque Swan River, gives students the opportunity to participate in many exciting activities whilst interacting with the environment.
  • Year 6 Camp at Fairbridge  This camp allows students to connect with nature, learn about the early settlement of Western Australia as well as explore the local flora and fauna. Teamwork, resilience and friendship are all areas of focus during this time away from school. The camp has always served as an excellent opportunity to bring the Year 6 students together, creating a sense of camaraderie.

Halls Head Campus

Applications for Enrolment are invited for students entering Kindergarten to Year 6 (children born between 1 July 2006 and 30 June 2014) for the new Frederick Irwin Anglican School Halls Head Campus, opening Term 1 2018.

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