Virtual Chill Out Space

For when you need to refocus your thoughts, slow your breathing, and slow down your heart rate. Meditation and Mindfulness can provide an excellent source of relaxation. 

Sometimes we need to get the blood pumping to destress! Stretching or cardio can help to reduce anxiety, lower stress, and increase positive feelings in the body. Plus it can aid sleep!

These strategies are great to zone out with. Sometimes we need to distract ourselves to take a break from racing or unhelpful thoughts. Give these activities a go!

Close your eyes and transport yourself into a tranquil environment! These soundscapes can provide great background noise to chill out activities, or you can simply close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you. 

Being in nature is scientifically shown to reduce stress. Have a look through our nature videos, as well as our other chill out clips to help you slow down for a few moments and regroup. A few links here even let you create your own mesmerizing visual masterpieces. 

Sometimes a good pep talk can help us change our perspective. Read positive news stories, be inspired by random acts of kindness, and redirect your thoughts from the negativity that often surrounds us. 

Writing or drawing can help you to process thoughts and feelings, brainstorm solutions, and provide an outlet to vent. Check out some virtual journaling resources, or if you’re feeling artistic, give creating your own journal a go! 

Listen to some inspiring and interesting Ted Talks, and read through our collection of motivational quotes.