COVID-19 Updates

Please find below important letters and information regarding COVID-19 from our Principal, Mrs Tracey Gray.


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My child is feeling unwell. What should I do?
Please keep your child at home and advise the School via the absentee process. You should have your child tested for COVID-19 and isolate until advised of a negative test result. 

My child has tested positive via a RAT test. What happens now?
You need to undertake a PCR test immediately to confirm the positive result. Isolate and follow the WA Health directives. Please advise the School via

My child has tested positive via a PCR test.
What happens now? You will be contacted by WA Health. Stay home and isolate, and advise the school via

 Can my child attend school if a household member has tested positive?
Please refer to WA Health Testing and Isolation Protocols and advise the School via  Children who cannot isolate from a household member awaiting a PCR test result must not attend School until a negative result is returned.

My child has been advised that they are a close contact of a confirmed case. What do we do?
WA Health will provide details on isolation and testing protocols for close contacts. Advise the School via if a period of isolation is required for your child

 What will happen if a student or staff member tests positive?
WA Health will advise the confirmed case and any close contacts of requirements for testing and isolation. The School will work closely with the Association of Independent Schools WA (AISWA) and WA Health and will share explicit details with relevant families if their child has been deemed a close contact. Relief staff will be provided where required.

What is the School doing to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus?
The School has followed WA Government mandates with regard to mask-wearing for staff and in indoor settings. We have also worked with auditors to monitor the air quality and ventilation in teaching spaces across the School. We have commissioned additional cleaning of high-touch areas across the campus. Hand sanitiser is available at all Reception areas throughout the School.

Will we return to remote learning?
Our COVID-Safe measures exist with the intent of retaining face-to-face learning for your child. It is unlikely that the whole School will be required to transition to remote learning. However, the School has been making preparations for a smooth transition to remote learning should the need arise. The School will communicate arrangements for remote learning if and when necessary in a clear and timely manner

Does my child need to wear a face mask at School?
Students in Years 3 – 12 are required to wear a face mask at all times in indoor settings.

Does the School supply masks to students?

It is the responsibility of students and their families to ensure they bring a mask to School each day. The School has a very limited supply of spare masks should a mask be lost or broken during School hours.

Does the School supply Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) to students?
The School does not supply RATs to students. It is the family’s responsibility to obtain RATs, or undertake a PCR test through a WA Health COVID-19 testing facility.