VET Courses at Frederick Irwin 2017

VET at Frederick Irwin

VET Courses Frederick IrwinVET (Vocational Education and Training) is offered at Frederick Irwin with the aim of preparing students for successful STP (State Training Provider – formerly TAFE) entry or careers related to Apprenticeship and Traineeship qualifications.

A Certificate course must be undertaken by any student who selects four or more General courses.

These UOC’s are part of the nationally recognised Training Packages that recognise and assess people’s skills and knowledge related to industry.

Students who successfully complete all of the course requirements will gain a nationally recognised certificate qualification while at school. These VET qualifications together with student’s Schools Curriculum & Standards Authority (SCSA) subject grades aims to support students who seek STP entrance and/or employment in various Industries.

See Curriculum areas of the Download the Year 11 and 12 Course Handbook for more specific course information.



Certificate II Engineering Pathways (2-year programme)
Certificate III in Screen and Media (2-year programme)
Certificate II in Creative Industries (Live Production focus) (2-year programme)
Certificate III in Music Industry (2-year programme)
Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (1-year programme followed by Certificate III in Sport and Recreation in Year 12)
Certificate II in Business (1-year programme) (Year 12 Only)

VET recognition arrangements in the WACE

The following recognition arrangements have been established to provide credit for VET achievement and to enable students to use this achievement to meet the requirements for a WACE.


VET Minimum Requirement

  • A student who is not eligible to receive an ATAR must successfully complete at least one Certificate II or higher qualification as a part of the minimum requirements for WACE achievement.
  • All successfully completed Certificate II qualifications (or higher) that are part of nationally endorsed training packages will satisfy the minimum Certificate II requirements for the WACE.


Certificate II Qualifications

A total of four unit equivalents (two Year 11 and two Year 12 units) is awarded for successfully completed Certificate II qualifications where student achievement in units of competency is equal to or greater than 220 nominal hours (the equivalent of four course units).

A student who achieves a Certificate II qualification with units of competency that are less than 220 nominal hours in total will meet the minimum Certificate II qualification requirement however the qualification will only contribute towards the WACE as two Year 11 unit equivalents.


VET Credit Transfer and the C Grade Standard 

VET credit transfer is not graded however each unit equivalent contributes to the WACE requirement for students to achieve 14 C grades or better with a minimum of six C grades in Year 12.

Up to a maximum of eight unit equivalents may be substituted by VET credit transfer.



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