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Castaways Sculpture Awards

A group of Year 9, 10 and 11 students worked together last year on Visual Arts Camp to create a public art work using recyclable materials.

Last Friday (Week 2 of Term 4) we installed our piece in the Castaways Sculpture Awards at Rockingham Foreshore (pictured).

This annual art exhibition combines the theme of recycling and environmental awareness with the creative re-use of materials and innovative sculpture. This show also creates opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their artworks alongside established professional artists.

Some of the entries are by professional artists, and there are colourful and creative works by the other primary and secondary schools in the Peel region.

Artist Statement: “We have all whisked those pesky blow flies away from our faces during the heat of the Australian Summer. Often showing up as uninvited guests at a BBQ or an outdoor occasion, the Australian blowfly is known for having a persistent nature. When we think of these creatures swarming about, we think of our relaxed lifestyle and our favourite past times spent with family and friends in our unique outdoor environment. Our mixed media installation was inspired by an Australian bush poem and we aim to evoke personal memories of family and Australian life in our work.”

Kind regards

Emma Nici
Visual Arts Teacher

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